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Fast food in Yerevan with delivery

If you want to enjoy delicious and high-quality fast food with delivery, then the most delicious fast food in Yerevan, Burgering, is at your disposal.
Here you can enjoy the wide range of dishes with varied menu: hot dogs, burgers, sandwiches, pizza assortment, omelet, with various additives, garnishes, various and varied appetizers and desserts. Under your wish our fast and willing couriers (who know all the rules of food delivery in the state of emergency) will deliver your order to the specified address. 
The main menu of fast food, which is continually updated is as follows:
Burgers: beef burgers, chicken burgers, double burgers
Hot dishes: chicken breast with paximat, chicken wings, 
Hot dogs: pie with ham, pie with thin steak, pie with beef cutlet, pie with chicken breast, hot dog with bacon, hot dog baguette, hot dog classic.
Omelets: omelet with vegetables, tomato, bacon, classic omelet.
Sandwiches: sandwich with chicken, sandwich with pesto, sandwich with ham and cheese, sandwich Ceasar, etc
Pizzas: pizza with ham, mushroom, bacon and pepperoni.
Garnishes: cheese, buckwheat, rice with vegetables, mashed potato, village potato and French fries.
Desserts: pancake with honey, Nutella and blackberry.
Get acquainted with the complete menu at http://burgering.am/.
The delivery service is available in Ajapnyak and Davitashen districts in Yerevan for now. But if you want to enjoy the tastiest fast food being in different districts of Yerevan and the other settlements, you can find us in Menu.am/.

Address: Abelyan 6/4

Tel: +37412600006

E-mail: burgering.am@gmail.com

Facebook: Burgering

Instagram: Burgering.am