Welcome to TGA business centre

Desirable place for business activities, relaxation and entertainment


    The business centre is located in an ecologically friendly and quiet environment


    The entire working environment ensures high efficiency


    Transport networks allow to provide full accessibility


    “Everything in one place” format creates perfect comfort


  • 24-hour security guard service

    Surveillance cameras on all floors

  • Providing uninterruptible electricity

    LED lighting

  • Telephone

    Via all operators

  • Heating and air conditioning system

    Climate control

  • Cleaning service

    Is included in the rental price

  • Technical support service

    Computer networks, security systems etc.

  • Kitchens on each floor

    Cafeteria for lunch

  • Concierge service

  • Car wash point

    Modern and convenient


N106 36sq.m. Rented N105 32sq.m. Rented N104 Rented N103 16sq.m. Rented N102 16քմ  Rented N101 315sq.m. Rented N100 19sq.m. Rented
N208 43sq.m. Rented N207 48.5sq.m. Rented N206 20sq.m. Rented N205 15sq.m. Rented N204 26.2sq.m. Rented N203 20sq.m. Rented N202 118sq.m. Rented N201 99,2sq.m. Rented
N311 44.6sq.m.  7000 AMD/sq.m. Rented N 310 23,2sq.m. Rented N309 23sq.m. Rented N308 40,1sq.m. Rented N307 25.6sq.m.  Rented N306 19.6sq.m. Rented N305 20.2sq.m. Rented N303 40.1sq.m. Rented N304 20.3sq.m. Rented N302 68,3sq.m. Rented N301 38,3sq.m. Rented
N411 44.2sq.m. 7000 AMD/sq.m. Rented N410 23.5sq.m. Rented N409 22.7sq.m. Rented N408 47.3sq.m. Rented N407 25sq.m. Rented N406 21.2sq.m. Rented N405 20sq.m.  Rented N404 40.1sq.m. Rented N403 40.1sq.m. Rented N402 68.6sq.m. Rented N401 38.6sq.m. Rented
N506 77.1sq.m.  Rented N505 22.9sq.m. Rented N504 48.2sq.m. Rented N503 22.3sq.m.  Rented N502 23.5sq.m.  Rented Conference hall 90.4sq.m. N500 43.2sq.m. Rented N501 36.5sq.m. Rented



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