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TGA business centre


TGA Business Centre is a modern business centre with innovative solutions. It is located in the heart of Ajapnyak - one of the greenest administrative districts of Yerevan, near many public agencies. It covers about 3500 square meters.

The latest design solutions are used in this modern style building. It's a new, monolithic structure, built with time-tested, strong building materials and has a high seismic stability. The facade is covered with glass and Armenian tuff. It has high stained-glass windows which provide natural lighting. The building with its wheelchair ramps and engineering-related functionality is also suitable for the people with mobility difficulties.

The engineering solutions of the building are ultra-modern: it is equipped with automated air conditioning (climate control) and fire suppression systems.

Multifunctional TGA centre consists of 6 floors. There is a free zone on the roof. From there you can admire the unique views of the capital. The stylish and tidy hall of the centre is admirable too. There you will be welcomed by our friendly administrator. You can go up to Your office or any hall with a panoramic elevator, where soft and pleasant music is played.

The aforementioned is still a small part of the benefits of TGA, and the guarantee, that Your business will not have an alternative option to fail.

The management department of business centre has taken care of every detail, so that the renters and their employees feel themselves in a comfortable environment. The best working and entertainment conditions are created in all the areas of TGA. The services provided here give the opportunity to be fully immersed in work getting rid of everyday problems.